The world's biggest burger

The world’s biggest burger

Let’s start small first

It stands 8 inches tall and is a glutton’s delight. You can get it at Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton, UK.


What’s in it??


Let’s go a little big bigger


Meet the Ogre Burger from Build a Burger, Essex. 1 kilo of meat, 800 gm of bun and 200 gm of cheese.

Something more?

The Beer Barrel Belly Buster, is as big around as the inside of a car tire and you can find it at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.


The 15 pound burger comes with a cup and half each of mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup, a head of lettuce, two onions, three tomatoes and 25 slices of cheese.

Let’s get serious

How about a burger that weighs in at 35 kilos? This was made by Bob’s BBQ & Grill of Pattaya, Thailand in celebration of the king of Thailand’s 60th year accession to the throne.


Now double that


IT TOOK 120 eggs to hold it together and four burly men to flip it, but a Sydney cafe has set a record by making the world’s largest burger. The whopping beef burger cooked up at Ambrosia On The Spot, at Randwick, tipped the scales at 95.5 kilos.

But here comes the king

Weighing in at more than 900 kilos, it took a crane to flip it.


The burger measured 10 feet in diameter and was topped with 30 kilos of bacon, 25 kilos of lettuce, 25 kilos of sliced onions, 20 kilos of pickles and 20 kilos of cheese. It was created as a promotion to break the Guinness World Record by the Black Bear Casino Resort in Carlton and the bun itself took more than 7 hours to bake.


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